Pursue Improvement and Disclose Results

pursuing improvement and disclosing results

increasing transparency around our sustainability performance

三级黄影片大全性爱视频We will lead in the future of energy. Because we strive to be the company most admired for our people, performance and partnerships, we measure ourselves across a broad set of performance criteria.


2018 performance data

data includes our quantitative environmental, safety and social performance data

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key publications

We regularly provide updates on our progress on a variety of sustainability issues.

Climate Change

climate change 三级黄影片大全性爱视频

We are committed to addressing climate change

sustainability reporting

We are committed to demonstrating our values and getting results the right way
Development Goals

sustainable development goals 三级黄影片大全性爱视频

We are proud to contribute to the SDGs, which are designed to lead the world to a more sustainable future
Case Studies

case studies

We live our values and strive to create community prosperity

data and reporting

三级黄影片大全性爱视频We encourage a balanced conversation about how Chevron and our industry can improve our performance. We engage in data collection and reporting to offer transparency into our operations.

Diversity and Inclusion

diversity and inclusion 三级黄影片大全性爱视频

We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion at all levels of our company. It is a cornerstone of our corporate values of high performance, integrity, trust, partnership, and protecting people and the environment.

Industry Specific Reporting

industry specific reporting

We report against the IPIECA/API/IOGP guidelines for the oils and gas industry.


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